Work Plan

The European project is structured in three main phases:

Phase 1:

Mapping and Research Field:

• Creating a theoretical and methodological framework;
• Mapping and analysing the policy field at the national and local level;
• Providing sensible indicators for the national and local analysis of LLL policies.

Phase 2:

Data Collection, Treatment and Analysis

• Conducting interviews with young adults recipients of LLL policies;
• Collecting macro and micro level data on the socioeconomics, educational and labour market conditions of young adults;
• Reporting the impact of LLL policies on young people;
• Identifing the structures, institutions and main actors involved in the local skills governance;
• Evaluating and analysing the level and mechanisms of governance between the supply and demand of skills at the local level;
• Identifing policy-making network involved in LLL policies and their impact on young adults.

Phase 3:

Comparative Analysis, Reporting and Policy

• Comparing cross-case and cross-national study;
• Producing European/national/local briefing papers;
• Conducting Policy Roundtables;
• Other communication and dissemination activities of project results.

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693167.