Young-Adulllt is a three years funded project

Research activities and outputs are organised in three years, starting from March 2016 to February 2019.



March, 1

Launch of the European funded project Read more

March, 30-31 April, 1

1st Consortium Meeting in Münster (Germany) Read more

June, 1

Selection of Functional Regions: Glasgow City Region and Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Region Read more

September, 10-11

Workshop on policy mapping, review and analysis in Münster (Germany) Read more

November, 16

1st National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland Read more

November, 23-25

2nd Consortium Meeting in Porto (Portugal) Read more

December, 12

Final report WP3: Policy mapping, review and analysis of LLL policies Read more


January, 13-14

Coordination meeting in Barcelona: WP3-7 Read more

January, 15

Start of face-to-face meetings with Scottish stakeholders to present the project Read more

March, 2

Start of field work: interviews and local/regional data collection Read more

May, 26

Leaflet of the Young-Adulllt-Scotland project now available Read more

June, 8-10

Participation at the 3rd ESREA Conference in Verona (Italy) Read more

June, 28-30

3rd Consortium Meeting in Granada (Spain) Read more

July, 12-14

Participation at the Conference of the Council of European Studies (CES) in Glasgow Read more

September, 15

Final report WP4: Quantitative analysis of young adults' social and living conditions Read more

September, 29

Final report WP6: Regional governance of skills supply and demand Read more

October, 18 & 24

Local meetings with stakeholders Read more

November, 9

2nd National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland Read more

November, 16-17

4th Consortium Meeting in Genoa (Italy) Read more

November, 30

Final report WP5: Qualitative analysis of interviews with young adults and policy experts Read more


January, 31

Final report WP7: Regional/local case studies in Aberdeen and Glasgow

April, 30 (tentative date)

Comparative study of all European regions invovled in the project

May, 16 & 23 (tentative dates)

Policy roundtables across European project partners countries

June, 14-15

5th Consortium meeting in Brussels


February, 11-12

Final Consortium meeting in Lisboa

February, 28

End of European funded project

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693167