Young-Adulllt is a three years funded project

Research activities and outputs are organised in three years, starting from March 2016 to February 2019.



March, 1

Launch of the European funded project Read more

March, 30-31 April, 1

1st Consortium Meeting in Münster (Germany) Read more

June, 1

Selection of Functional Regions: Glasgow City Region and Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Region Read more

September, 10-11

Workshop on policy mapping, review and analysis in Münster (Germany) Read more

November, 16

1st National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland Read more

November, 23-25

2nd Consortium Meeting in Porto (Portugal) Read more

December, 12

Final report: Policy mapping, review and analysis of LLL policies Read more


January, 13-14

Coordination meeting in Barcelona: WP3-7 Read more

January, 15

Start of face-to-face meetings with Scottish stakeholders to present the project Read more

March, 2

Start of field work: interviews and local/regional data collection Read more

May, 26

Leaflet of the Young-Adulllt-Scotland project now available Read more

June, 8-10

Participation at the 3rd ESREA Conference in Verona (Italy) Read more

June, 28-30

3rd Consortium Meeting in Granada (Spain) Read more

July, 12-14

Participation at the Conference of the Council of European Studies (CES) in Glasgow Read more

September, 29

Final report: Governance of skills supply and demand Read more

October, 18 & 24

Local meetings with stakeholders Read more

October, 30

Final report: Quantitative indicators at the local/regional level Read more

November, 9

2nd National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland Read more

November, 16-17

4th Consortium Meeting in Genoa (Italy) Read more

December, 30

Final report: Analysis of interviews with young adults and policy experts (tentative date) Read more


January, 31 (tentative date)

Case studies of each European regions involved in the project

April, 30 (tentative date)

Comparative study of all European regions invovled in the project

May, 16 & 23 (tentative dates)

Policy roundtables across European project partners countries

June, 18-22 (tentative dates)

5th Consortium meeting in Brussels (tentative place)


February, 28

End of European funded project

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693167