Policy Roundtables in Aberdeen and Glasgow

During the month of May the Research Team based at the School of Education at the University of Glasgow organised two policy roundtables, one in Aberdeen (17th May 2018) and another one in Glasgow (24th May 2018), the two Scottish regions studied in the YOUNG_ADULLLT project. The intention of these policy roundtables was to share the main findings and policy recommendations of the European research project with policy-makers, practitioners, employers and other relevant stakeholders involved in the project and that can benefit from it.

Each one of the sessions started with the presentation of the seven main findings of the YOUNG_ADULLLT project. After the explanation of each finding the participants in the meeting had a discussion about the relevance of the finding for the region. To activate the discussion participants were asked to collectively rate the relevance of the finding on a 5-point scale, ranging from “extremely relevant” to “not very relevant” for the region.


In the second part of the session, a similar exercise was performed with regards to the policy recommendations, as each one of them was presented and discussed with the participants. However, in this case the participants had to collectively agree on assigning to each policy recommendation the degree of priority (low- / high-)  and feasibility of the policy recommendation (less/more) in the region.

In both cases, there was an engaged conversation and the participants and the research team benefitted from this knowledge exchange and validation exercise, which helped to strengthen the existent relationships and explore future forms of collaboration among the participants and their institutions.

Below you can find the presentations of the findings and policy recommendations in Aberdeen and Glasgow, as well as the public minutes of the meeting in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

PRESENTATIONS: Aberdeen & Glasgow

MINUTES: Aberdeen & Glasgow