Coordination meeting in Barcelona

The Working Package leaders and core members responsible for the YOUNG-ADULLLT Working Packages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 met in Barcelona for a coordination meeting (13th-14th January 2017). During the 2nd Consortium meeting in Porto the need for a stronger coordination among these working packages became evident as the collection data period was approaching. The main objectives of this workshop in Barcelona were:

  • Establish concrete research questions for each Working Package, in order to avoid overlaps.
  • Specify the data sources and methodology to be used to answer the research questions proposed.
  • Specify the data to be collected by each Working Package and how it is going to feed and be used in each Working Package.
  • Establish a coherent and feasible timeline with concrete tasks deadlines.

The result of these two intensive days of work met the expectations and objectives, allowing YOUNG_ADULLLT researchers to go back to their respective universities with a clear idea of what is to be done in each Working Package, which is the data to be collected in the framework of each of these Working Packages and how the data collected is going to be used to provide answers to the research questions.