4th Consortium meeting in Genoa

The 4th Consortium meeting of the YOUNG_ADULLLT research project took place in Genoa  the 16th and 17th November 2017. The meeting was hosted by the University of Genoa and took place in the nice unviersity  palazzo in Via Balbi.

The discussions of the first day focused on the three empirical Working Packages (WP4, WP5 & WP6). During the sessions the different research teams agreed on how to address some of the challenges concerning the analysis and reporting of the results of the interviews with young adults, policy managers and practitioners at the regional level (WP5).  There were also presentations and discussions about how to address (WP6) and further improve (WP4) the international reports of the other empirical WPs.

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the policy storytelling methodology of WP7 and to the initial ideas provided by the core team in charge of the Comparative Report (WP8). Last but not least, the guidelines to organise the regional policy roundtables to disseminate and discuss the research findings with regional policy actors were presented and discussed.

The day previous to the consortium meeting some interesting activitites related to the YOUNG_ADULLLT project took place. The early career researchers of the YOUNG_ADULLLT consortium met to discuss the case study methodology and how to better use it in the framework of the research project. Meanwhile, some of the senior researchers of the consortium participated in a panel discussion at the 22ª Edition of the Salone della formazione, dell’orientamento e del lavoro.