3rd National Advisory Board Meeting in Scotland

The second meeting of the Scottish National Advisory Board (NAB) was held at the University of Glasgow Main Campus on 21st February 2019.

The purposes of the meeting were to:

NAB members engaged in fruitful discussion of the Scotland dissemination paper. They provided interesting feedback and comments to further improve the results and recommendations presented. They also provided rich insights on how to further engage in the national policy discussions in Scotland and the UK. More detailed information on the discussion held during the session can be found in the 3rd National Advisory Board Meeting Report.

The participants of this 3rd NAB meeting were:
NAB members:
  • Janet Brown, Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • David James, Cardiff University
  • Lorna Unwin, Institute of Education (UCL)
  • Andrew Witty, Colleges Scotland
  • Paul Zealey, Skills Development Scotland
School of Education:
  • Lesley Doyle, Senior Lecturer
  • Kristinn Hermannsson, Lecturer
  • Michele Schweisfurth, Director of the Robert Owen Centre
  • Petri Simonen, PhD student, ESRC-SDS funded
  • Oscar Valiente, Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator
  • Ellen Vanderhoven, Research Assistant
  • Patricia Wallace, Manager of the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change